Viewfinder help

What do the icons do?

Touch an icon for information:

How do I take a picture?

To take a picture, you can:

How do I focus?

If you're using Hybrid focus mode, long-press the screen/camera button/volume button to focus.

In any other focus mode, the camera will focus automatically when you take a picture.

What is Hybrid focus?

Phone and tablet cameras have very deep depth-of-field. This means that everything more than a few metres away is in focus by default. Vignette's Hybrid focus mode only focuses the camera when you long-press the screen/camera button/volume button, so you can take a picture quickly, without focusing, when you need to.

Can I control zoom or exposure with the volume buttons?

Press , open Settings and Camera settings, and change Volume buttons.

How do I change where my pictures are saved?

Press , open Settings and JPEG file settings, and change Save folder.

How do I turn on geotagging?

Press , open Settings and JPEG file settings, and change Store location data.

If you need the GPS coordinates stamped on your pictures, take a picture, then press and choose a Timestamp format that includes the location.

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